10th Anniversary Poem


In honor of today, this being our 10th anniversary,
I’m PROUD to be a member of this prestigious family;
BRING started out as a very small business group of four,
Who had the dream and insight to create something more;
To gather local owners together to learn about each other,
Gaining strong confidence so that they could refer one another;
The numbers very quickly began to grow with much elation,
Until they soon decided to add a second location!
Both the Lacey and Tumwater chapters flourished individually,
Coming together at special times to enjoy joint camaraderie;
The years have come and gone with some changes here and there,
Not to mention the pandemic which caught us ALL unaware;
We tried to social distance while contained within a room,
But then thought it safer if we all met weekly on Zoom;
Almost a year we did this and our numbers didn’t wane,
Until the time when we could all come together once again;
We continue to meet each Friday, and the distance is not far,
Just hop on over to the new Ebony and Ivory Coffee Bar!
Our BRING Networking Group really, truly, stands alone,
Showcasing a longevity that few have ever known;
So, if you’re looking for a way to highlight what you do,
Please join us here at Bring, where we sell THROUGH, NOT TO!!

Cheryl Brown, Member