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Sandra Lee - Biofield Tuning Practitioner

Designation: Licensed Massage Therapist
Business: Miracle Inspirations Inc.
Years In Business: 30+ years

- Olympia, WA & Penticton, BC -
Email   253-921-8389
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Sandra Lee
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About Miracle Inspirations Inc.

Sandra Lee helps you be clear about what's right for you.

When you're experiencing stress, overwhelm, or difficulty in making decisions, it's like driving on the highway's rumble strip. Your experience is chaotic and rough. Your relationships may be strained.

"What's me? and What's not me?" Sandra helps you recognize the answers to these questions, clarifying what's the right fit for you.

This understanding supports you in being calm, clear, and in action in service to yourself, your family, and your community.

Sandra 'sees' the energetics of your purpose, and when your intentions are in alignment.

Over 30 year's experience doing intuitive energetic work plus over 10 years of Human Design create a powerful foundation. The addition of an effective way to release trauma from memories with MAP Coaching, and sound healing with Biofield Tuning provides Sandra with powerful tools to support your well-being, success, and satisfaction.

Sandra wrote a chapter in two #1 Bestselling books; The Energy Medicine Solution: Mind-blowing Results for Living an Extraordinary Live, and Stop Overworking and Start Overflowing: 25 Ways to Transform Your Life Using Human Design.

She is available to speak on various topics and has been featured in numerous interviews. She blogs and writes articles appearing in industry publications.

Sandra is passionate about helping people live their best lives, and works with individuals and businesses. She also leads group sessions.

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Life Opportunity Catalyst & Energetic Initiator


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Biofield Tuning, Human Design, MAP Coaching