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Laura Morris - Education K-12

Designation: Director
Business: Joyful Scholars Academy
Years In Business: 6 mo years

1807 9th AVE SW - Olympia - 98557
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Laura M Morris
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About Joyful Scholars Academy

Joyful Scholars Academy joins a network of over 300+ Acton Academies around the world who are reimagining education and placing children at the center of a learner-driven environment. The Spark Studio (age 4-6 years) is the first studio to open Fall 2023 at JSA and will be followed by the Discovery Studio (age 7- 12) Fall 2024. Studios are divided by age groups instead of grade levels. At Joyful Scholars Academy we believe children are innately curious, active, and joyful people who given the right environment, tools, and opportunities will excel and achieve all they imagine and change the world along the way. We are rooted in a hero’s journey mindset and believe each one of us is has a special calling that will change the world. Through challenges, failures, and triumphs our hero’s journey helps us grow virtuous habits, a strong network of peers, and propels us to be curious and imaginative. JSA is a tool for our learners to be challenged to discover their special calling. We are a secular school built on a foundation of honoring virtuous habits that lead to good character development. Learning is hard-work and our children do not turn away from this challenge. They jump in and wade through difficulties - alongside peers - who want to grow and become a person of integrity. Join us! We hope you feel inspired to explore and become apart of Joyful Scholars Academy.

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