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Tami Hale - Cabi~Women's Boutique Fashion and Styling

Business: Cabi~Womens Fashion
Years In Business: 6 years

1401 Marvin Rd NE, Ste 307 #124 - - 98516
Email   360-701-1258
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Tami Hale
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About Cabi~Womens Fashion

Can clothes change lives? We believe they can.

As an innovative boutique fashion brand, we bring style and beauty to women through personalized styling experiences that celebrate each women's uniqueness. ~

We empower women to walk more confidently out their doors each morning, ready to conquer their day. 

We are more than a beautiful sweater, the perfect skirt, or a favorite outfit.  We believe in the power of connection and create the opportunity for meaningful gatherings, supporting each others growth as we live tomorrow, today. 

We courageously disrupt the status quo, unafraid to do things differently.

We seek to positively impact generations of families, communities,  are the world in a way that gives rise to a soul-filling joy.  We are a company by women for women, providing restoration, vocation and education to women domestically and globally. 

I am a fashion stylist with an exclusive fashion designer company out of California called cabi. Cabi is revolutionizing the way women shop and work - and you are invited! Our exclusive brand is known for its unparalleled quality and outstanding Cabi Stylists who help our clients always look their best!

I help empower the women I serve to walk more confidently out their door each morning, ready to conquer the day, helping them find their personal style, how to build a fashion forward wardrobe from season to season & share the latest trends, & styling tips & ideas while helping them building a sustainable wardrobe that will stand the test of fashion timelessness.

Can clothes change lives? We know they do!

Who do you know that's ready to step out boldly to make that difference! Lets Talk!

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