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Kia Hohaia - Attorney

Designation: Washington State Bar License
Business: Hohaia Law
Years In Business: 1 years

4570 Avery Ln SE Ste C #1024 - Lacey - 98503
Email   360-291-7200
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Kia Hohaia
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About Hohaia Law

Kia at Hohaia Law serves individuals and families who want to protect and provide for their loved ones when they are not able to or are no longer around. Kia gives counsel to people who want to make sure that the assets they work hard to earn are owned in the right way so that they are safely transferred to and protected for the benefit of their loved ones when needed. He helps those who want to make sure their estate plan actually works when their loved ones need it by keeping their plan updated throughout their life and providing support to families of his clients upon incapacity or death. And he assists parents who want their young children to be properly cared for and raised should anything happen to them. 

Kia also delivers caring and compassionate legal representation for those that have been injured from car accidents. Kia provides personal guidance and direction through each step of the insurance claim process to ensure individuals receive the fair treatment and compensation they deserve for the injuries they have suffered.

Types Of Services

Estate Planning and Car Accident Injuries